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Plant Manager

Requisition Number: P11480

Region: US
State: Massachusetts
City: Clinton


Manufacturing Operations

  • Responsible for overseeing the following functions within the facility/facilities; production operations, project engineering, manufacturing engineering, maintenance, tool repair, plant cost accounting, scheduling and release of material, quality, safety, quality systems, and people services
  • Responsible for producing the product at planned costs including costs associated with waste, variance, management labor, variable and fixed expenses, and direct and indirect hourly labor
  • Develop plans for efficient use of materials, machines and people, in order to produce a finished product in the most effective manner
  • Continually improve existing processes and/or systems to facilitate corporate goal attainment.  Continuous improvement in KPIs

Facility Management

  • Oversee the facility equipment management and facilities upkeep, and associated utilization improvements

Customer Relations

  • Responsible for satisfying customer expectations on product quality and timely delivery
  • In partnership with engineering and product development ensures that the customers needs and requirements are effectively addressed in a seamless process

Business Planning

  • In partnership with the Divisional General Manager, prepare the business plan budgets, make capital spending recommendations, manufacturing technologies and innovation
  • With Divisional General Manager, review and direct the analyses of activities, costs, operations, and forecast data to determine progress toward stated goals and objectives
  • Effectively integrate functions, systems and work activities throughout the facility.
  • Continual improvement of key performance areas

Corporate Citizenship

  • Create plans that align with the overall goals of the company and address related responsibilities
  • Work with corporate initiatives in a supporting or leading role, e.g. quality, safety, training, accounting, information technology, people services, and facilities
  • Ensure that rules and regulations are handled consistently and equitably within the facility and across facilities

People Leadership

  • Provide unified direction to people to assist in the attainment of corporate and facility goals
  • Identify, develop and reward the talent and expertise of people, by supporting sound processes for people selection and development, pay administration, coaching and mentoring
  • Facilitate people working together in order to create a successful team
  • Drive change with superiors, with the ability to influence upward as well as downward
  • Effectively communicate within the facility, across facilities, and with external stakeholders


  • Promote and demonstrate community involvement and support, balancing this activity with business activity

Systems and Processes

  • Establish internal controls or systems to assure product quality, a safe work environment, and environmental responsibility
  • Other duties as assigned

Qualifications - Education & Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree in engineering or associated discipline; or equivalent combination of education and work experience
  • Significant experience running a lean manufacturing business
  • Significant experience managing and leading people
  • Knowledge and use of continuous improvement tools like Six Sigma, MiniTab and other statistical software

Qualifications - Skills & Competencies

  • Personal & interpersonal skills, including, but not limited to, caring about others,
     integrity and trust, listening, humor, ethics and values
  • Ability to partner effectively with peers
  • Strong and effective communication skills, including verbal, written, presentation and negotiation
  • Good judgment; showing strong business acumen, decision quality, intellectual horsepower, perspective, and problem solving
  • Courage indicated by strength of character, and ability to deal with trouble and make tough people calls
  • Catalyst for change
  • Exemplify the People Process Principles
  • Organizational agility and political savvy
  • Proficient computer skills
  • Knowledge of injection molding, plastics/metal materials and associated processes
  • Ability to establish systems and processes

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